The Dog Training Philosophy

Dila K9 Training Academy believes in the simple philosophy:


Over many years of training dogs we have proven this philosophy over and over again.

Dila K9 Training Academy knows that learning to read and understand your dog is essential to develop the right approach and training path for your dog.

The most important aspects of training your dog successfully are patience and consistency. The age, breed or size of a dog doesn’t matter.

Dila K9 Training Academy knows that your dog’s success in learning to behave and to show great manners is your ultimate goal. We train for real life.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you decide to have your dog accompany you or if you simply want a calm and understanding dog at home.

Dila K9 Training Academy will guide you and your dog through the learning process to achieve the best results, so you can enjoy a calm and understanding furry family member at home or wherever you want your dog to accompany you on your real life adventures.

Dila K9 Training Academy philosophy is based on understanding the individual needs of each dog. Like working with a child, we first need to know who we’re working with. We need to discover the motivation and weaknesses of your dog, before creating an individual training path to success. Stress and/or high pressure training methods have been proven to fail and won’t make your dog learn long-term why he/she has to change behaviors. That’s why Dila K9 Training Academy believes that only patience, consistency and follow-through are the correct path to understanding and a successful learning environment. The result is a well behaved and happy furry family member you can enjoy in all real life situations.

Dila K9 Training Academy understands that you have options when it comes to selecting a dog trainer. Please understand that Dila K9 Training Academy allows your dog the time he/she needs to learn and change solidly. That is why we have flexible training lessons and/or training weeks to make sure that your dog has a stress-free training experience with the results you desire.

Dila K9 Training Academy offers a balanced training approach, similar to the Montessori method. “Anyone (dog) can learn, you just have to find the right engagement.”

Montessori is a method of education based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. In Montessori classrooms you make creative and positive choices for student learning, while the classroom and the teacher/trainer offer appropriate activities to guide and lead the learning process. Dila K9 Training Academy implements this method when training with your dog, allowing the time necessary to learn in an engaging atmosphere. Your dog will love learning good behavior, manners and of course, the obedience commands at Dila K9 Training Academy.